Can you Clean Snow by Leaf Blower

A leaf blower can do more things than just cleaning the leaf in autumn. In winter, if the snow is heavy and you do not have a snow blower, snow blower is also helpful. You can remove snow from your car easily. Compared to snow blowers, leaf blowers are lighter and quicker, so it is more convenient if the snow is not too heavy. Below, we tell you how to clean snow by leaf blower.

leaf blower remove snow

  • Before you start to clean the snow, ensure that the snow just isn’t wet or icy. Also, try not to clear snow in windy circumstances, as this doesn’t often operate pretty nicely.
  • Setup the leaf blower for maximum air concentration. This may help move heavier bits of snow and some ice.
  • Plug inside the leaf blower with an outdoor electrical cord, or plug a regular outside extension cord into a GFCI-protected outlet. GFCI protection is critical for electrical security when functioning in damp or potentially wet circumstances.
  • Walk out of your beginning area and blow the snow away from you. Should you have a walk-behind blower, begin within the middle and clear the snow in overlapping strips? If you have a backpack or handheld blower, work way out of your begins point. Like you do when blowing leaves. In either case, attempt to not walk around the snow to stop compaction.
  • Once you’ve completed clearing the snow, dry your leaf blower ahead of you put it away. Leaf blowers commonly usually are not designed for what circumstances.

So if you do not have a snow blower, you can do the snow cleaning job by leaf blower. For some families, buy both leaf and snow blower are not necessary, just buy one and you can do all the jobs. In fact, if it does not snow often, and you do now have too many leaves to clean, rent a blower is also workable.

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